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Welcome to Bostadsrättsföreningen Kruthornets web page.

A bostadsrättsförening is a special kind of housing cooperative, an ownership model for owning a flat or apartment which is very common in Sweden. It is estimated that approximately 20-25% of the Swedish population lives in a bostadsrätt. The concept of bostadsrätt has been around in Sweden since the 19th century and is strictly regulated by law.

Note that there are big variations between housing cooperatives in different countries.

The elected board that runs this bostadsrättsförening will happily answer any questions you might have regarding what it is like to live in a bostadsrätt, what you need to think of when buying one and the specifics about this bostadsrättsförening.

You can write your questions to the board in an email and send it to which is primarily managed by the secretary of the board. For telephone numbers to specific board members, see the page ”Kontaktuppgifter”.